Takeover Remix

by Don Verb

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I stepped away from being an active hip hop artist for quite some time. While I was gone, a lot of opportunist users and altogether f*ck boys decided they were going to proclaim our city as theirs. This is a warning from Red Team Entertainment and Don Verb. I'm back ... and I'm not going anywhere. There's been enough dumbing down and destruction of this genre of music (not to mention our culture) ... I/we can't have it happening in our own backyard. This is a remake of Jay-Z's classic diss track to Nas ... I heard it, scribbled a few things down and mostly just shared my truest thoughts on who we collectively call "Reach Around Records". Big things are happening for us in 2017. This is my reintroduction to the hip hop music industry.


Takeover, gameover/
For these fag rappers,jerkin each other so much they dislocate
Sidekick to ya main flow-er, cracked lips, he a caine smoker/
my experience ugly bitches can't stay sober// -4-
Rest of em Harbaugh's ...
scoutin teen bois ... then askin can you stay over?//
Buncha snakes but you can't spit so you ain't Cobras/
Wit them sublim stats I don't know what you after but it ain't
cho-cha// -8-
Got five years on Jay-Hova, still cain't grow up/
Detroit rap a bitch and that trick need a makeover//
It went from Esham to proof then em, to royce to who?/
Not a single fan in attendance, nobody mention that they choice
is YOU// -12-
I voice the truth - they don't like what I speak/
But trust I walk what I talk, just put a mic to my feet//
Starvin artists eat each other on that gay shit/
100,000 bars recorded but don't none of em say shit//

VE-RB runnin this rap shit
Red Team - running this rap shit
ya'll mad thit you the son of a crack bitch
blame us - we always hustled a package
Ya boy box, I'll leave a bum on the canvas
next one - Cristoe handle them matics -
melt you faggots like plastic, it'll happen and that's it

I don't care there's 27 of ya'll, I been stepped to ya boss/
On behalf of Detroit's biggest rap legend of all//
He was tremblin, dog an ol delicate broad/
Cristoe still kickin himself for helpin the fraud// -4-
Me? I'm grateful, she woulda went to the law/
What that got to do with us? department of corrections is raw//
Couple of yo thievin asses learned this lesson befaw/
Ya'll - can't be signed kickin crack fiend rhymes// -8-
buncha theives proud of that crack fiend time you did behind
crack fiend crimes//
Couple ya'll I thought was cool, you know who you are/
invited you to my club, my home and my car// -12-
you could be right here; where doin business properly took me/
but it seems you'd rather believe gossip for pussy//
Been five years - you still ain't got you the cookies/
better off, I left that bitch sloppy as snooki// -16-


I know you recognizin faaaaame/
fresh kid ice, bigg verb, monte cristoe, tikko, hellusin8//
It's a shaaaame - take orders from a rat - teenage mutants, play
- this gas and a bluish flame into the sewer grate// -4-
The fuckboy hustle - everyone of yall live off a fat girl/
I know what's happenin now - you eat the groceries of aunt
From every -other- county but claim the D-E-T hustle/
but everything about you screamin EBT struggle// -8-
Better relax on fuckin with my pepo, fam/
Have yo boss runnin from us like he did the repo man//
He front online but givin rappers up for the RICO, dam/
Remember Bert's - ya'll know one punch an MC don't stand// -12-
I don't wanna sneak the burner through that hole in the wall/
But I can't find em in the streets and nobody know em at all//
Bumscumians know - I'm an investment so ...
I am connected
So, you gettin burned alive if I'm gettin questioned//


released December 20, 2016
Kanye West/Jim Morrison
Don Verb



all rights reserved


Don Verb Detroit, Michigan

"Don Verb" is a versatile hip hop artist with a wide range of experience and accomplishments in the arenas of both underground and popular music. With a constantly-changing (but always succinct) delivery, a distinctive and powerful voice and advanced lyrical ability - he's the "MC's MC". An advocate for the preservation of hip hop culture, his verbal sword always cuts far beyond skin deep. ... more

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